Wednesday, March 01, 2006

4300 Feet Up with the SeanMan

Well today was an exceptional day of sun and warmth (60F) and for some super-natural reason I was free from school and the SeanMan was free from work at Washington's premier 29er Superstore. Hmmm...such coincidence. We arranged to ride in the early afternoon somewhere near the SeanMan's house on the Mr. Potato Head (Idaho) side of the river. By the time I got there Sean mumbled something about not wanting to climb too much because he was feeling wimpy or something. Hard to do since everything around here is insanely up and down (oh the periles of living in a valley 2000 feet deep). Me, I just wanted to ride for a few hours anywhere. So off we went over some "flat" ground which was only flat for a few miles then down a steep grade after which we climbed out toward Waha on an endless just kept going up, up, up...On the way up I was thinking about the humor surrounding this forever climb and the SeanMan not wanting to climb too much. By the time we got home we had climbed 4300 feet total. It took a very long time to climb and only took minutes to come down - no pedalling required unless you wanted more speed. I maxed out (coasting) at 42 mph on the dirt road coming down.

The SeanMan on the way up.

Still Going Up!

"I don't want to climb" Yeah right!

Looking down from where we turned around - Nice view!

And we were not even close to the top yet...another day we will go there and beyond.

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Yuri said...

that second to last shot really is a sweet view