Saturday, September 29, 2007

Riding = Manic Rest

Yeah, yeah...I've been a bit lame on putting anything up here lately. I'm spending too much time researching and drooling over (obsessing about) new bikes and equipment coming out, not to mention working (so I can pay for this obsession) and yes riding what I have. Plus I constantly fiddle with changing things on my bikes just so I can experience another new idea my continous-motion mind has created. It's terrible to be me and having a mind that never seems to rest. Some people would say that I have a manic disorder of some kind, but the truth is I am really just another left-handed, analytically-possessed, right-brained genius who is being supressed by a lack of invention, that in our society is dependent on left-brained idiots who think they're analytical geniuses.

The one thing riding a bike ride does for me is calm the continous information flow in my mind. Heck if it weren't for riding I'd probably be entrapped by the scientfic society (like Einstein was) to solve everything we really don't need to know.

Anyway the pics here are from a rare, but always fun, ride with the SeanMan. This was just a typical trip filled with interesting sites to see - few of which I ever capture with a camera.

We went up on the Idaho side for a trip up McCorrmack Ridge then over to Flat Iron to complete a lolli-pop loop.
I have yet to understand why it's call "Flat" Iron because it is not flat. This 55ish mile ride has 6000+ feet of climbing. Good enough to call it a real ride.

It was a nice ride even though the SeanMan was a bit slow (a rare thing). I found out later that he was a little sickly for a few days which explained his lower motivation that day. He's better now as ever.

This was the second MTB ride I had done in a week with someone other than myself - a new record for this area. I'm not sure why people don't find riding mountain bikes for 50-100 miles's much more fun and entertaining than riding a road bike on (yawn) paved roads that far. Anyway, several days earlier I had ridden a 60ish mile dirt-road MTB loop with a young man named Jacob who will be very fast someday I assure you.