Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gunnar Cyclocross SS...

The Forward Components EEB installed quite easily on the Gunnar cyclocross bike and chain tension adjustment was stupidly simple. The end result is a more efficient SS - previously I was running a chain tensioner so I could run the Gunnar as a SS, but like a derailleur it was a thief robbing me of pedally effiency and the smoothness a real SS offers.

Let's just say that I'm happier now...even though I can not ride much (extruded disc in the back continues to plague me), but I did take it for a short spin and had a smile on the whole time.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hmmm...that's what I said when I saw this eccentric bottom bracket made by Forward Components.

It set in motion a rapid chain of events in my brain...this bottom bracket turns any geared frame instantly into a single-speed frame since it allows a means to tension the chain. It will be installed soon enough on my Gunnar Cross bike for some simple future thrash testing.

I'm still not doing any significant riding due to my back situation (extruded discs take patience to heal). I am getting some short, flat, spins in but it truly is a struggle still and I am not pushing it for fear of re-injury. A ride of 5-miles is a real accomplishment at this time.

Fishing has been plenty of fun and I have had some fun working at the bike shop (B&L Bicycles of course) where I have gingerly pedaled both a Fisher SuperFly and a SuperFly-100 at the shop - impressive to say the least and lots of bling.