Saturday, June 18, 2011

Strong Weakness

I'm kind of at a loss for words lately. I've been recovering from a pinched nerve in my upper back and essentially took 2-months off the bike (I did some riding, but it was very little). So riding has been much less than I'd like it to be, but the weather has been cooperating well with lots of rain to make me feel like I'm not missing much anyway. However, because of this nerve situation, I can say that my normal fitness for this time of year is in the toilet. I've cancelled several endurance events on my calendar simply because I just am not or can not be ready for such long rides yet. Shorter ride are in for me at this time, which makes me happy since I can still ride.

Nothing else has changed...I still have an uncontrolled obsession with buying and riding any bike that sparks my interest. Looking at this titanium Strong Frame the first time made my spine tingle and as much as I tried to resist buying it, my internal weakness for such beauty was stronger (a true internal paradox). For some reason I "needed" this bike and eventually I lost all control...I'm not sure how it happened but the frame ended up on my doorstep. Hmmm...???

So far the "test" rides on the new Strong Frame have kept my spine tingling and makes me smile plenty. I have many heavenly plans for this bike in the future, but those plans are stuck in the abyss (my head) for now.

I have not seen any more falling cows lately (and I've been keepin and eye directed upward where ever I ride), but I've run across plenty of these deadly little dudes - young rattle snakes!!! They don't rattle or warn you in any way, in-fact they often advance towards your warm body (unlike an adult rattler). This one is all of 6-inches and he wanted to visit...