Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Fall Coming and Going

More time seems to have slipped by me. I looked at my last post date and realized it's been several months. Well life has been busy and the electronic world is not my primary place of habitat. I have too much to do and too little time to ride it seems. But the snow has come (finally) and I seem to have a few moments to look at some of the pics that have accumulated on my camera.

Fall has been long and incredibly beautiful this year. I took every opportunity to peak at the colors...even into the night.

The days have been glowing with the golden fall Tamaracks...simply amazing to see.

Then came the snow (finally!). I was still riding my cyclocross bikes since it was not really enough snow to get the fatbike out. Anyway I had way too much fun on skinny tires this day and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Then just last week we got a good dump of the white stuff, well enough for me to get serious on the Fatback. About a foot of snow here and oddly enough about 48-degrees out. Warm and fun on the snow...a strange combo and I took it for 26-miles of total fun pedaling the Milner Trail.

The smirk should tell you everything about the fun I was having. Too bad there are not others around to enjoy this.