Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Got Gravel?

Gravel grinders are a way of life for me...especially since I have no love for riding pavement (yes we all know I find pave utterly boring).

There are plenty of local gravel roads around here to keep my appetite for dirt quenched. However, this year it has been a tad more difficult to ride the dirt/gravel with inconsistent cycles of snow-melt-slush-muck-rain-mud we've been in for the last 2-months. Not that any of that stops me, but some of my favorite roads are 100% unrideable when muddy. So I have been "suffering" through by riding less favorite stuff.

Spring in nearly here - I can tell because there are new calves popping up everywhere (a sure sign that Spring is close). Well maybe I'm least the cold temperatures over the last few days tell me that new baby animals are not a sure sign.

On another note, I've been thinking that I should move to an area that has more of a winter season so that I can re-expand my love of winter sports...something I've all but lost since moving to this warm winter valley 11-years ago. At this time I truthfully can not come up with a good reason why I still live here...hmmm?