Tuesday, May 30, 2006

255 Miles of Single Speed Insanity

Yep - that's right I put in a total of 255 miles on single speed bikes this past weekend. Most of that mileage was done as part of a competitive 24-hr race in Spokane put on by Round and Round. In the past I have done this race as part of a 5-person team on a geared bike, but this year for some insane reason I decided to do the event solo on my single speed. The end result of the race for me was 4th place after riding 210 miles with a total ride time of 17-hr 54-min during the 24-hr period in adverse weather conditions. The other 6+ hours were spent mostly on letting my very upset stomach right itself on 2 occasions. I figured out the part of my nutrition plan that was causing my puky feelings after the 2nd near trail-side puke and excluded the product. After that I was riding well again turning consistent lap times. Rain was a factor at times since it turned parts of the course into a fun mud-yuk slip-n-slide...perfect for a single speed (hard on all those poor geared bikes).

This event was only a trial for me so that I would know if this kind of mountain bike race was for me and to find out if my nutrition plan would hold up. I learned that junk food (potato chips and Coke) are saving graces for me when my body is trying to violently up-chuck at the thought of anything labeled as a "sport" or "endurance" nutrition.

I went to this race totally unsupported and ended up with more people helping me than you could imagine. Twice in the early morning I had hot pancakes waiting for me at the end of a lap - the people at this event were totally awesome.

In the end the ouch factor is not as bad as I thought it would be after I was done. My butt suffered on this rock-infested, bumpy course - that means my ass hurts. My hands suffered a bit also, but not bad. Nothing was bad though since I went for a "recovery" ride with some good friends from Sandpoint the following day - for some reason we had to ride the course again, but at a "leisurely" pace (on a SS that means nearly normal pace). This recovery ride along with 2-preride laps on Friday and the race gave me a total of 255-miles on the SS this weekend.

You think this is insane? I'm looking for another 24-hr race to do this summer (maybe this time on a geared bike).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Insanity of 2 Single-Speeds

I made my Gary Fisher Supercal into a single speed (that means it has only one gear) bike last night. It's super light and ready to fly...well as fast as a single speed will fly that is.
But, wait that means I now have 2 single speed bikes...hmmmm
What's up with that??? I know nothing, I'm not telling, you'll just have to wait and find out...although I do not think you will suffer nearly as much as I will over this insane scheme I'm working on. Hahahaaahaaaaa....

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Baloo is a one of my favorite blue colored Disney characters...like how many blue Disney characters are there??? I don't know and don't care all I know is that Baloo is famous to me for singing a song about the Bear Necessities...a song that never seems to leave my twisted mind.

The bear necessities for me includes bikes - lots of bikes, never enough, always looking, highly obsessed with a bike addiction that I can't turn off. Please, would someone turn it off! I change (buy-sell) bikes faster than a Chameleon changes color... I freely admit I have a cyclogical disorder, but I can say that the SeanMan is much worse than I am about going through bikes so there is still hope for me. My obsession is mostly with 29er mountain bikes unlike the SeanMan who has a generalized bike habit.

Recently Baloo "showed" up in my bear necessities bike collection... That's all you get to see for now...there's nothing else to say here except how can one person ride four (as in 1, 2, 3, 4) mountain bikes??? SeanMan you got an answer to this?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Deer Flats

OK so it's been a while since my last post...I've been busy doing things...you know - like riding my bikes! I've been putting in some sweet longer rides - my favorite thing to do when I have time away from school or whatever. Mountain bike rides are a giga-zillion times better than (yawn) road rides, but then again after a few rides on my road bikes I am reminded of why mountain biking sooooooo much better. But wait...I admit I like road riding (gasp!)...but only when the road goes verticle.

Today I decided to ride my oh so cool Gary Fisher Supercal (that means 29er mountain bike to you and it means a fun ride to me - Thanks Gary for making this bike for me). Today's destination was to a place called Deer Flats - actually it was a total accident that I arrived there after taking a wrong turn. To get there it's about 40 miles on the dirt (riding the bike of course - only a real dork-o would drive) with an elevation gain of about 3800 feet. Deer Flats is adjacent to Anatone Butte overlooking the Grande Ronde valley (a 3000 foot drop) with the snow covered peaks of the Blues in the background - breathtaking and worth every mistaken pedal stroke to get there.
The odd thing is that Deer Flats is not flat and although deer were there they were not on a flat - figure that one out??? The wrong-way was mostly clear of snow, but I did find some near the top (which those of us that ride mountain bike know is just more fun added to the adventure at hand)...I almost feel bad that road-toads never get to experience this much fun.

This is about the smallest of 10 or so patches of pure snowy, mud-yuk fun!

Looking NW
And finally looking SW over the Grande Ronde Valley