Monday, November 21, 2011

Cyclocross - Single Speed Saga Continues

Yes, I must say that single speed bikes rule!!! As we recall, I converted my Blue Competition cyclocross bike into a single speed (that's a one geared bike to you) after having so much trouble with my rear derailleur. All I can say is that ditching those extra, bothersome gears really paid off. I am now convinced (once again) that single speed bikes suit me better than geared bikes. I may try a geared setup in the future, but for now I will stick with SS.

(Chasing the Mighty Matt Morra)

This cyclocross season I have had way too much fun racing in the INWCX Series. I did 2-races every race day (Single Speed and Masters 50+ categories) that I could attend. My plan was to gain some fitness by racing 2-races per day. It seemed to have worked well in the end.

Currently I feel better than ever since my back injury 2-yrs ago. I still have some minor tweeks in my lower back and most likely always will have issues. I do 20-40 minutes of Egoscue exercises 1-2 time daily to keep my back in proper shape and alignment, but it is totally worth it and has paid off for me.

The local CX season ended this last weekend (Nov 20th) with a super fun final pair of races for me on a snowy course in Coeur d' Alene, ID. I'm not anticipating traveling to Seattle or Portland for more CX racing, although I would like to. My underlying plan this year was to build for next year's racing essentially this was just the beginning of what I hope is to become a stellar year in 2012, when I coincidentally turn 50 (WhooHoo!!!).