Saturday, March 11, 2006

We Will Rock You!

This last Tuesday I was asked if I wanted ride the bike leg of the LCSC Spring Duathlon and thinking it was in a few weeks I said sure. I get the feeling that there maybe was some sort of behind-the-scenes challenge going that I'm oblivious to. Anyway on Wednesday (the next day), to my shock, my teammate found out that the event was this Saturday...let's see I'm in clinicals or school all day Wed. & Thurs. - that leaves Friday to get my bike tires aired up and chain lubed. Saturday I just showed up, did a 3-minute warmup, and waited for my teammate to come in...Jane is a smokin fast runner so waiting was not going to be an issue. She was in the top 5-10 on the 1st 2-mile running leg (Ouch that had to hurt the competition!). On the bike I could not believe how nice a day it was to be suffering. I saw stars once and thought that was cool...I love suffering that much since it always makes me feel so good to ride the endorphin high later. I got into a nice groove singing "We will, We will Rock You..." in my head. I picked up several riders on the 6 miles out and 2 more on the 6 miles back leaving only 3 very fast solo eventers ahead of me coming in. The rest is easy history as Jane smoked the last 2-mile running leg just like she did the first. Ha! 4th overall and 1st team overall (results) with a total time of 0:57:01. Right after the event Jane had to take her daughter to dance lessons so I ended up with both trophies for now.

The Winnings!

Yeah we Rocked em!

(Chris & Lance, I dedicate this trophy to you.)


Jason said...

Congrats on the win! Good deal.

nweurosport said...

Nice work. Sounds like you fared a lot better than I did. Stiff competition.