Friday, June 15, 2012

The Road to 50

Well I've been on the road to 50 for 50-years now. Yep that's right I'm 50-years young. There are the rotten butts in this world that track you down somehow and try hard to make you feel like an old geezer...I don't buy into their crap.

I'm not sure why the age of 50 means you need to be a member of AARP, I'm thinking that AARP is for those people that make it to 90, which by the way is my next goal in life. Maybe I should clarify, that means I intend to be riding my bike at 90 anywhere I want to go...can you imagine a 90-year old smokin past you on a bike? I can and that is where I'm aiming. AARP is going to have to wait awhile for my membership to say the least. To celebrate by 50th anniversary in this world, I decided to ride my bike on a torturous ride (no surprise there) up National Forest Rd 050. The ride started with a 2700-ft decent, followed by 5400-ft of total climbing. Ride time was a short 3.5hrs over the 53-miles of awesome self torture. I chose a geared bike (gasp!), yeah I know it is totally abnormal for me to do such a thing, but don't say anything about it until you have ventured up the road to 50.

Along the road to 50 I've had ups and downs, but the overall experience has been totally awesome and the views of my life are the better than pictures could ever show. My ride on June 12th up Road 50 was just another chapter in my life quest for fun adventures on a bike.

There's so much to see along this road and climb that one can not possibly show all the memories of just this one day here. The road had ups, downs and was rocky and difficult in places just like everyday life...

I typically choose the harder path, the rougher road, since that is where my soul seems to benefit the most...

I can't wait for what comes on the road to 90!