Saturday, March 25, 2006

Honest! It followed me home...

I went to B&L Bicycles in Pullman to drop off a (you won't believe this) horse cart wheel that of course a horse had damaged beyond repair. Well I remember Roger (a master at wheel building it seems) building up a pair of horse cart wheels last summer while I was working (playing) at the shop. So I am hoping (actually my wife is hoping more than me) that Roger can come up with the right mixture of parts to make a new horse cart wheel - Note to Roger: Not to put any pressure on you, but I've told everyone you can do it.

While I was at B&L I had to touch everything of course and drool a bit too. While looking up (wiping some drool off the lower chin) I spied a new Trek OCLV (that's high quality carbon to you) Pilot 5.2 in my size...OH,no, no...I tried to ignore it but the heavens opened, a bright light shown upon it and angels could be heard singing Alleluia! Somehow the bike ended up on the bike fit stand with me on it (thanks a lot SeanMan). The worst part is that it snuck into the back seat of my car and followed me home (honest). Of course that meant "take me for a ride." OK so I put my way-heavy standard road wheels on it (I like the puncture resistant Bontrager Hardcase tires on the glass strewn, thorn infested roads around here) and went for a quick 20-mile spin. It was really a bad idea to ride that bike...why? Because it was the smoothest road ride ever (and I purposefully picked the roughest chip-sealed road I know of - didn't even phase the ride). To keep this bike means I would have to sell my faithful Kestrel to absorb part of the cost of this potential new bike. The Kestrel is a super smooth ride, but not anywhere near as good as the Trek Pilot 5.2.

So anyone want an awesome deal on a sweet light weight 54cm carbon fiber Kestrel spec'd with only the best high-end parts? If you want to buy it or want a list of parts let me know (

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