Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mentattude Adjustments

A bike ride always seems to give me a positive "Mentattude" (Mental Attitude) adjustment.

  photo IMG_20161028_191548_zpssbsypcjh.jpg

On this late Friday afternoon on a sunny fall day  (amazingly between chronic rains) I was taking the maiden voyage on a Lynskey ProCross I had just built up as a single speed. Yes, single speed. I have some strange addiction for riding single speed bikes since they oddly make me giddy when I ride one...I am not sure why, but riding gears is never as much fun (Ever!!!).

This ride started as a "simple" torturous (I'm really out of shape) 7-mile climb to the top of the mountain to test the gearing ratio, but I was having so much fun that the miles kept clicking along once I hit the "top" at 2K of climbing. Before I knew it I was 30-miles into the mountains. The views were simply amazing with color everywhere I looked. The return trip was just as good if not better and I finished the day at dusk, cold, smiling, and with a new mental attitude.

I felt a rolling thunder start within after this 60-mile ride.  I know this feeling well from my past and I must say that it's been gone for a very, very long time. Too long! I'm hopeful it will stay for awhile. 

Get out and ride your bike (before I catch up with you)!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Riding

It's been almost a year since I put something on here. The reason is that I have had very limited internet access for a very long time so uploading anything was beyond difficult.

Anyway today I ventured out on a late afternoon fall ride on my Trek Stache. In my opinion the Stache is the perfect bike for exploring and riding in unpredictable terrain that always draws my curiosity.

This time of year I have a hard time trying to see everything, the colors are so bold and the best annual eye candy one can enjoy.

Get out an ride your bike!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Fall Coming and Going

More time seems to have slipped by me. I looked at my last post date and realized it's been several months. Well life has been busy and the electronic world is not my primary place of habitat. I have too much to do and too little time to ride it seems. But the snow has come (finally) and I seem to have a few moments to look at some of the pics that have accumulated on my camera.

Fall has been long and incredibly beautiful this year. I took every opportunity to peak at the colors...even into the night.

The days have been glowing with the golden fall Tamaracks...simply amazing to see.

Then came the snow (finally!). I was still riding my cyclocross bikes since it was not really enough snow to get the fatbike out. Anyway I had way too much fun on skinny tires this day and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Then just last week we got a good dump of the white stuff, well enough for me to get serious on the Fatback. About a foot of snow here and oddly enough about 48-degrees out. Warm and fun on the snow...a strange combo and I took it for 26-miles of total fun pedaling the Milner Trail.

The smirk should tell you everything about the fun I was having. Too bad there are not others around to enjoy this. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I'm Here, Where Are You?

So where are you? I'm right here...testing, riding, enjoying every pedal stroke I can get in.

Fall seems to have come and my preferred gravel bike (it's a Lynskey Ridgeline) is getting a workout on the gravel and forest roads as well as on some local trails.

This bike was inspired by me after doing too much drooling over the new Trek 920 disc. for the first time ever  I started having issues with buying a new bike (I simply was not sure I wanted it). So I picked up a used titanium frame for next to nothing and built this bike up from my parts bin. It's not a Trek 920, but it is similar and it's a pretty cool bike. Plus a huge bonus is that is rides incredibly well and I like is quit a bit. For now I am greatly enjoying it.

On a recent back country fun ride I noted some new white stuff on the mountain tops, which makes me dream of riding the Fatback on snow once again. However, neither the Farmers Almanac nor the El Nino forecast is predictive of much snow again this year. I am patiently waiting for the outcome since either way (snow or not) I get to ride.

No cyclocross racing again this year, just too far away to the races and lack of fitness. Yeah I'm in kind of soft right now, but I can still kick my 16 year old son's butt any day of the week. I'm starting to get a racing itch again Maybe next year I will dabble in some mountain bike races or maybe a gravel bike, need legs!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Monday, July 06, 2015

Somewhere Out There...I WasThere

Some where out there...that's exactly where I was from November 14, 2014 until just recently. Prying minds keep asking me where I've been. Well I've been here, plain and simple. OK then, the real story is complicated and would take more time and space than I have here.

To start I've spent some time testing new stuff (nothing new about this is there) you're wishing you could have some of these bad boys on a fat bike. I'll just say they are awesome on the snow.

 photo 038_zps8403425f.jpg

I spent time in weather conditions that meet the mininmum definition of "not good"...How's the weather out there? Uhmm...not good! I hear this saying all the time, so I went searching for the meaning of "not good" and I think I found it a few times...

 photo 007_zpsc6e63d07.jpg

I had to say good-bye to a good friend...

 photo 011_zpsf4360eb1.jpg

I spent a lot of time on the snow (what little there was of it that is) exploring (duh!)...

 photo 031_zps7e680788.jpg

 photo 005_zps01179c97.jpg

It's rather refreshing seeing these winter pics after spending the last few weeks in 100+ temps moving everything out of our Asotin farm house. We loved that place, but we're on a new adventure now in North-Central Idaho...and I must say that it's getting better all the time.

 photo 036_zpsa8f73ccd.jpg

Tuesday, June 23, 2015





Double Rats!


(Epic Failure)



Idea Lightbulb Idea Light Bulb Clip Art Black And White | Clip


All Better...

What's Up??

Is anybody out there?

Apparently I'm still here.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fatback Moments

It came, so I went...

 photo 001_zps35c87c20.jpg

Fresh snow is always a good reason to ride, to explore the backyard, to feel like a kid again, to...

 photo 009_zpsf52171a7.jpg

Get out and ride your bike today -  Don't miss moments like these because they come around only once in a lifetime!!!

 photo 018_zpsc1367f37.jpg

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fatback, Gunnar, and Shameful Fall Rides

This past week's rides have been some of the best for views, pure jaw-dropping-can't-see-enough-awesome-beauty, not to mention it has been extraordinarily nice with many sun filled days and some perfect riding temperatures.

 photo 048_zps0dc877ca.jpg

 photo 045_zps3123ac65.jpg

Amazingly, I had 1st snow here so of course I rode the Fatback in the 4-6 inch mini dump. It was quite magical this day, fresh snow that started melting off the trees as soon as the sun hit them. It was a very awesome day of riding the Fatback.

 photo 002_zpsdf648d8d.jpg

 photo 008_zpscfba9340.jpg

As fast as the snow came, it melted away giving more sweet fall days and some extended time on the mountain with a regular mountain bike.  As I write today all is changed since it seems it's suddenly cold with temps in the single digits. No snow though which is a huge bummer, I'll try to be patient, which is obviously torturous as you can see.

 photo 029_zps98a14678.jpg

 photo 018_zps5781c1b9.jpg

 photo 017_zps003d234d.jpg

It's hard to tell people what I see on my rides (although anyone is welcome to ride with me) so once again I am sharing a small fraction of the many photos I took this last week or so.

 photo 016_zpse25f7692.jpg

 photo 014_zpsf54beab5.jpg

As far as this bike goes, I do not know where it came from or how it ended up in my possession...but it sure is fun to ride not to mention is has a cool looking custom (rattle can) paint job.

 photo 012_zps9d3afce4.jpg

 photo 039_zpsf31a8183.jpg

Quit wasting your life confined in a box...Go on an adventure...Ride your bike!!!