Tuesday, October 14, 2014

You should ride too! Right Now!

While the world seems to be failing fast, full of hate, discontent, and destruction, I am at peace in my little fall paradise. I am not necessarily happy about the world around me with all the crap that is being forced upon us in the name of self service and entitlement attitudes, but where I am now I can still practice my beliefs without some elitist dork telling me I can not. I've never been a person to be fearful of the world, however I am no longer sure we are immune to an uprising from the evil among us. I thank God I can ride a bike in such beautiful country, that I can leave all the electronic stupidness at home when I ride, that I can witness beautiful country in a peace of mind on a simple bike with one gear.

 photo 001_zpsfc1e2d42.jpg

I love my country, I love exploring it on a bike, I love worshiping God, I love my children and my wife oh so dearly, I love other people, I love being able to pack and shoot a gun, I love fall color and the cooler weather that comes this time of year, I love being a ER Nurse and taking care of people in true need, I love old people, I love children, I love my community, I love my church, I love life, I love my friends, I love late fall flowers, I love...

 photo 044_zps38c3417f.jpg

Why is the rest of the world so full of destruction, hate, and self servitude? Maybe we should let go of our electronic worlds for a few hours and fill that time with observing and paying attention to the environment, people immediately around us, and the beauty it all has to offer - amazingly it is free for the taking.

 photo 047_zps352f783b.jpg

I can not convince anyone that there exists much more to this life than a cell phone, a computer, TV, etc., but I can tell you that those things have become horrible addictions that we should strive to take time out from to be with family, to see the world, and to realize that fun does exist outside those silly little boxes.

 photo 037_zps09dd638d.jpg

I am a loner when I ride, I'm not complaining about this since I rather enjoy the solitude. However, I would always rather have someone to ride with so I can share the beauty I see, but alas my schedule never seems to match anyone elses.

 photo 038_zps389e4bf5.jpg

I really don't mind enjoying the sweet solitude of some of the most beautiful country the USA has to offer.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Early Colors

As usual I spent some time riding this past week. I had some big rides and some small ones, but all on my single speed. I have so much fun riding that thing...

 photo 009_zpsdfd69195.jpg

There was definitely some climbing involved...

 photo _20140911_142608_zpsgbiogz7g.jpg

But the color was worth every foot of climbing and every inch of pedaling...

 photo 012_zps93a72675.jpg

The early fall colors in the higher elevations are already spectacular and I anticipate that it will get even better. In the mean time I am going to keep mashing that one geared bike with a big smile on. Get on your bike and ride!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Fall Rides are Here!

One minute it's mid-July and the next it's going on mid-September. Late summer just seems to have swept on by me this year. Truly though I had many great rides, but just neglected to tell anyone, yet everyone was invited..too bad no one came to ride except me and my kiddos. We also had our usual end of summer tasks like gathering firewood for winter, hauling hay, and of course picking some of nature's finest berries. Whoa, we had a HUGE bumper crop of huckleberries this year and, of course, we took full advantage of those tasty little purple yummies!

 photo 010_zps7c407397.jpg

I also took as much advantage as possible to ride and further explore around our home in Grangeville and what an adventure that has been so far...the places I've seen traveling on both new and old forest roads as well as some odd trails have been simply amazing. I love dirt riding! You can call it what you want, mountain biking, gravel grinding, dirt road riding, trail riding, whatever...I love riding on dirt, pure and simple!

 photo 002_zps6315194f.jpg

 photo 003_zpsea9af92b.jpg

 photo 005_zpsbe139ca2.jpg

I now have numerous very fun loops to ride with many options for different routes all starting from my front door.  All of this and I've just started exploring...I have several other routes waiting for me to go ride and many more that I've spied on maps that will make the list of "must explore" routes. It's so overwelming to have so many areas to ride...yeah right! Too bad I have to work - gotta pay to play it seems.

 photo 005_zps0dfc900f.jpg

 photo 038_zps29206757.jpg

 photo 016_zps299a099b.jpg

I will not get to ride everything on my list before winter sets in though since fall is obviously starting to appear on the mountains. This is OK, it will keep me hungry for more next year and besides, winter means time for the Fatback fatbike...makes me drool just thinking about it. I don't want to rush into the white stuff too soon though since fall is by far my favorite season to ride bikes in the high country.

 photo 010_zps41070736.jpg

 photo 044_zpsc7d2c1d6.jpg

In the mean time I am amazingly finding huge huckleberries in the higher elevations on plants that are showing fall colors. Very sweet they are and plentiful still in the right areas, but you have to put down your goofy phone, turn off your TV, and get on your bike to find them. Also, you'd never find these riding in or on a vehicle. Get out and ride your bike!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Ghost Rider

I've been on some great rides lately. The scenery has been so much fun to see....

 photo 144_zps4b4ed3d7.jpg

 photo 155_zps240d4ddb.jpg

 photo 158_zpsbe128e5d.jpg

It's really too bad I have to work or I would be out doing this everyday. But I have to pay for my riding addiction somehow since it's obviously not free.

 photo 179_zps2c8a9ad0.jpg

The weather has been perfect up high, not too warm like it has been down in the low elevations. I thrive in the higher elevations and just can not get enough time on the mountain in my new back yard around Grangeville, ID.

 photo 169_zpsc93b8744.jpg

 photo 187_zpsc404d572.jpg

There has been and continues to be so much to explore. I have ridden hundreds of miles here already and I keep finding new stuff to explore. I have years of exploring here and I'm sure many more seriously fun adventures.

 photo 027_zpsf41cb43c.jpg

 photo 022_zps573c1887.jpg

 photo 025_zps577302c9.jpg

In the mean time I accidentally crossed paths with this ghost ride. So I hopped on an went for a spin. It's been a long time since I have been on a full suspension bike. I seem to have lost no skill in riding one though...it's different than a rigid bike in that you really don't have to worry about picking a smooth line through the rocks - you just ride over everything. I did pinch flat a rear tire because I got a little too aggressive for the air pressure I was running. Can you say, FUN!!! Yep, it was.

 photo 033_zps1f5a01a1.jpg

The summer fire season seems to have started all at once. There are fires buring everywhere it seems, which means less riding for now except on days when the smoke has cleared out. I'm not one to ride in smokey conditions, my lungs are important to me. Guess I'll have to ride my motorcycle a bit more.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Kid Times

Once in a great while I can talk my kids into biking, but on this day they both asked to go (yes, it was shocking to hear this from them) and so we loaded up the bikes for some forest road riding.

 photo 175_zps5288a235.jpg

Sadie is an amazing little endurance rider for someone that rarely rides a bike...on this ride we rode nearly 20-miles with 1100-feet of climbing. She has all but outgrown her bike and I am thinking about upgrading to a larger size for her this summer. It all depends on how much she will ride. Sadie is one of those kids with natural cycling ability and a strong mindset - a winning combination that could kick some butt if she ever decided to race. It's up to her though since I am not going to force my kiddos into any sport.

 photo 172_zpsfedf61b9.jpg

Alejandro is having a similar issue with outgrowing his bike. I put him on a small 29er a few years ago and he's ready to start riding my medium sized frames (and he does when I let him). Alejandro also has a natural athletic ability and could be a serious competitor if he ever decided to train a little bit. Without training he is starting to give me some competition up hills...it won't be long and he will be my equal or more.

 photo 174_zps639ee826.jpg

Days like this one are special for good memories and fun times. I still can not believe that Sadie did this ride without a whimper. She was very determined to go the distance. Someone at a bike shop told her that if she rode her current bike 100-miles in a week that she could have a new bike (thanks a lot Seanman). Now she is asking me to ride almost daily, unfortunately I can not ride that much right now due to work and other chores. Time is coming though.

 photo 195_zps70b6de6d.jpg

 photo 197_zps934da39d.jpg

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


52...that is how I'm now judged and compared to others of this world we live in. We have some need to compare ourselves by age. It seems like a bragging right or an ego issue with most people who are talking about their age.

 photo IMAG0557-1_zpslakycyuz.jpg

Me? I could care less about how many years I've been around. I do care about other people, living well, eating good foods, and having some fun along the way exploring anything that is available to me.

 photo IMAG0539-1-1_zpss79bmqar.jpg

Of course my preferred way of exploring the outdoor environment is on one of my bikes. I usually go it alone (of course anyone is invited along anytime) only because my work schedule is so screwed up and inconsistent that I can not schedule a ride with anyone...the perils of working as a nurse in a dysfunctional medical care system.

 photo IMAG0535-1_zps0cycvcjs.jpg

I hope to change my schedule in the future to be more consistent, but I'm not counting on anything changing (that way I can't be dissappointed again. I could take a boring job and be much less happy I guess, but that would defeat any purpose in my life. So for now I ride alone at a young 52 years of age.

 photo IMAG0551-1_zps8k1twkzm.jpg

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aimless Wonderings

Good days of riding are not hard to find around here...

 photo 077_zps68896fb5.jpg

There has been some days of gloom and rain, but that is what it takes to make this area beautiful instead of a solid desert hell.

 photo 057_zpse2ff6404.jpg

My ride this day was up in the Blue Mountains, just a few minutes from my Asotin, WA home (the one that is for sale currently). Definitely a spectacular place to ride with some of the best vistas around.

 photo 036_zps272b9901.jpg

I often ride up here to de-stress and to let my thoughts wander as aimlessly as my travels through the many forest roads and trails I've come to know well.

 photo 043_zps6a93c12d.jpg

I am soon to leave this oh-so-familiar area to continue a dream-in-progress over in Idaho, which I have been exploring as often as possible on the bike. I'm not sure where this next journey is taking me, but I am certainly continuing the adventure in my new area. And so far I am very excited about the endless possiblities of bike exploration, fishing, and camping around Grangeville, Idaho. Now if I could only find a job that keeps me happy.

 photo 074_zpse15968d9.jpg

Monday, May 12, 2014

Life Outside the Bubble

Some days are absolutely perfect for riding...Bluebird skies, fresh spring greenery popping out everywhere, and a world of new colors seem to appear every week. I love riding my bikes this time of year. Well actually I love riding nearly anytime of year, but spring is always very exciting and full of pure eye-candy.

 photo 032_zpsde08ee9a.jpg

I only wish I could ride everyday, but my life prevents the reality of such selfish dreams...there is work to be done on both of my residences - the Washington farm house, which is for sale, and our new Idaho place. Plus I need to work sometime to afford this dream-in-progress of having a better life for my family. Currently I'm working night shifts at a rural hospital in Cottonwood, Idaho, which means I commute, I have to spend time away from family, and I have the added stress of sleeping issues associated with working nights. Somewhere in this chaos I need to spend some quality time with my kids and the love of my life. Needless to say I am often so exhausted that nothing sounds like fun - even a bike ride. From experience I know that I need to keep my life's attitude off the floor, otherwise others around me suffer as a result of my poopy moods and worries, which in turn creates a bad downward spriral that becomes so much harder to climb out of.  So I know that I must "make" myself go riding since a bike ride always renews my soul and lifts my spirits up once again.

 photo 033_zps31be7736.jpg

Some days I'm not sure why I need to do all this...Life should be fun right? Well right now it is not much fun so I do rely on my bikes to pick my attitude out of the sewer every week and bring me up to a happy state of being once again.  Between all the chaos I try to sneak in a few rides a week...sometimes more, many times less. I cherish each ride, dream of more, and hope that someday my kiddos will want to ride along on some of my adventures and come to appreciate the beauty outside the small bubble they choose to live in at this time.

 photo 038_zps0e6e8b80.jpg

Friday, May 09, 2014

When is a Tire Too Worn?

Hmmm...I've been keeping a close eye on my rear tread over the last several rides questioning myself: Is the tire going to make it through this ride? How many more miles can I get out of this tire? How far am I willing to walk if the tire completely self destructs (has happen to me a few time in the past) before I get home?  Why don't I just change that tire? I wonder if there is enough tubeless sealant in the tire? I really don't want to add more at this point because it would be a waste since I am going to replace the tire soon, but I've been telling myself this for the past 2-months.

 photo 005_zps10bb4856.jpg

To say the least this Michellin Mud-2 (one of my favorites except it tends to wear rather quickly) is well beyond need of replacement...it's starting to show signs that epic failure is coming. So how long do you run your tires? Me? I seem to like making mine more worn than a typical semi-slick (which is a tire that looks like this one, but you actually have to pay for it new to have no center tread).

 photo 006_zps26168717.jpg

Well I finally retired the paper thin tread and put on something a little heavier and with a lot more tread to continue my explorations. Now I have less worrisome self-talk at the start of my rides and more self-debate about where to ride today and wonder what I will see...

 photo 039_zps030b4118.jpg