Sunday, January 24, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy...huh?

It never fails...when I want more snow the weather gets all warm and fuzzy on me, which means the snowshoes go away and the bikes have the solo spot light...again. Oh well at least I got a few days of snowy fun in. The rides lately have been rather hot and I could have easily ridden in shorts around the valley, but up on top it was still a tad cool for the great whites to show just yet.

My rides are now up to 50+ miles (still trying to rebuild after my major back malfunction late last summer). The back is still not perfect so I'm keeping the suffrage meter in the green zone...I'm really having a hard time containing my strong desire to punch it to up to my red line on every ride, but I control it with terrible thoughts of re-injurying my back by pushing too much, too fast. I'm riding and I happy about that.

Stay tuned because I can feel some whoopass coming on later this year if all continues as it's been going so far...