Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Always Distracted

Hmmm...It's another one of those great,cool, sunny days when I'm sitting here, sipping some tasty coffee, looking out my windows at the awesome snow covered mountain views. But today I am pondering my biking this year, as in what it is that I want to do on a bike (besides riding everyday), what kind of focus should I be attentive to this year, where is my passion leading me besides continuously astray? I'm distracted by so many different bike-related temptations...mountain bike racing, endurance events like 24-hr races and 100-miles races, long endurance rides just for fun, bike packing, exploring new territory, cyclocross racing, snow biking...and it just goes on and on. My mind seems to never be calmed with just one focus so I've decided that I really need to narrow things down some (if possible), otherwise I just flounder with too much bike-passion and not enough time or funding to get it all done.

Some of my focus (distraction?) was put in motion long ago, like bike packing. A while back I obtained a bike (an awesome Strong Frame titanium - geared or singlespeed) specific for my "envisioned" bike packing adventure needs and so far it is exactly what I wanted.  Also, I've been collecting bike packing gear for the last few years and at this time I have nearly everything for what I believe will allow me to do some light, fast adventures and exploration over a 2-4 day period. I'm not interested in heavy touring loads, but rather I'm attempting some minimalist packing trips locally. We will see how it works out this summer I'm sure. McGruder Corridor - Lolo Motorway in 3-days anyone?

I'm thinking it would be more fun doing a bike pack trip than paying to race an endurance event. Well, maybe not more fun, but definitely I'd feel less guilt in the cost factor. The entry fees for some endurance events are nearly $300 which does not include all the food, lodging, gas, etc. that sucks your bank account dry. Typically an endurance event, when all said and done, will cost me $400-$800, which is stupid. I use to do 2-4 of those events at year (they were cheaper at one time)! That's some serious new bike parts or a new bike. I can not justify the cost of those events anymore, but I still have a strong drive to compete in these events for some reason. So considering the cost I decided to make my own adventures close to home.

I also have 3-cyclocross bikes now and I have a cruel passion for racing CX, so I'm sure that my annual self-torture-fest racing CX will continue. It's just stupidly fun, like BMX racing on a roadbike, so I "have" to do it!

Recently I started thinking that snow biking on 4-inch tires would be a hoot, but is it worth the investment? Hmmm??? It would be a lot more inviting if I could talk someone else into doing it with me, but so far I just hear replies that tell me I'm nuts, which we already know. I have to think about this some more, the snowy mountains are only 10-miles from me here and I am getting itchy to try some biking with those ultra fat tires.

All I know is that the long road ahead is full of fun and adventure. I'm not sure I will ever sort out all the bike clutter in my mind, not sure I want to since it's what drives me to keep pedalling.