Thursday, October 31, 2013

Titan #3 - The Titan War Saga Continues

Another mighty Titan has materialized on my doorstep. As usual I am innocent and of course I deny any knowledge of how it got here, but I will admit that my association with such a fine bike will be strictly abusive to both me and the bike.

My initial 100-mile ride impression on gravel roads thus far has been nearly perfect (that means I have no real complaints and expect to have much more fun). Just let me say that I have put off racing this year for several reason that don't really include anything like I'm totally out of shape for racing cyclocross, the cost is rather high, and lack of confidence at this time. However this bike seems to have reversed those dark feelings of gloom and doom. I kind of want to train and race everytime I look at and ride this bike...hmmm!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anti-Carbon Wars - Revenge of the Titans!

Hmmm...I'm almost at a loss of words on this one. It seems that my mouth is still gaping open in disbelief regarding the ride quality and beauty of my new Fatback titanium ultra-cool, super-fatty.

I've played on, owned, and ridden many bikes made from aluminum, steel, carbon, and a few titanium frames, but never have I had such an incredible ride as the frames built by Lynskey (the actual builder of the Fatback titanium frame). The Lynskey titanium frames rival carbon in my opinion (which may be of little value to you, but is everything to my meticulous-obsessive-compulsive-brain). I love carbon for its stiffness and ride quality, but I loathe it for being environmentally unfriendly, its lack of durability (aka throw-away junk), spontaneous and unpredictable structural failures, and many other reasons in which I'm sure many may not agree with. Essentially carbon bikes make me feel guilty. I'm also a huge fan of USA made bikes and non-China made parts. This bike is made in Tennessee, USA!

However, until riding a Lynskey titanium frame I was not much of a titanium bike fan either since I had several experiences with a wet-noodle like ride.  Well my opinion has changed after riding this bike and my Lynskey Pro29SL.

The titanium Fatback is stiff, yet rides ultra smooth...a totally amazing combination. People will want to know how I can tell this on those fat, cushy tires...believe me I can feel a huge difference between the aluminum and titanium frames on the super fatty tires. I will be testing this frame in every possible way in the coming months and long into the future God willing.

Sunday, October 06, 2013


It seems that once again a new bike frame has shown up at my back door in an nicely packed brown box.

I've successfully sold several cyclocross bikes, actually all my cross bikes have been sold which is so not me, as well as a few "spare" mountain bikes and a pile of bike parts. I still have more bike parts to sell it seems, but my "new vision" that prompted me sell nearly everything is working well. The untold story is that there is a deeper level in my plans. Yes, it is so unlike me to sell all my bikes and everyone knows how weak I am in regards to new bikes.

My plan is playing out perfectly...It all started with a new Lynskey Pro29 SL titanium frame showing up (truly an amazing ride) that I've set up as a single speed (yes, it can be set up geared - I love versatility in a bike frame).

I can not say enough about how much I like the way this bike rides and handles. I'm beyond satisfied that I've got the best product for me in this frame and build. I'm even starting to think about racing MTB endurance races again - OH YEAH, the bike is that good!

Getting back to the story at hand...I seem to have a new titanium Fatback frame that needs some testing. I've been eyeing this frame for over a year now, but really could "make" myself buy it. Well with all my bike and part sales I seem to have enough "bike money" to not feel bad about buying the ti frame. I love the Fatback geometry in fatbike frames so I'm confident that this one (coicidentally a Lynskey built titanium frame) will be an incredible bike when finished. The build will be revealed in the near future...something like this takes patience (which I have not) and thought (which I have an overabundance).

Will there be more of this titanium non-sense additiction in the future? Hmmm...I "need" a cyclocross frame...well not really since I have no plans to race cyclocross this year...

In the mean time I will be selling another bike beloved Forest Green Fatback 16" frame (aka Mr Gump and Bubba Gump) is up for sale. I don't need 3-Fatbacks (shamefully I now have three) so I'm looking to find Mr Gump a new home (sniff).