Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Dog Days of Winter

I have come to anticipate strong hints of spring this time of year and 2006 has been typical with the robins returning and early flowers blooming. But for some strange reason we just had to have an arctic cold air system roll in for a few days just to remind us that it's still WINTER. The SeanMan left town a few days ago to test the slopes somewhere in southern Colorado. I promised to look in on his beloved doggies while he was gone so they wouldn't get so lonely and to take them out for a dog run. The last few days we (the dogs and I) packed into the SeanMan's pickup and headed to the Mann Lake for some excercise.

I just let the dogs set the pace which is faster than you would believe. My Fisher single-speed is the perfect dog running bike I found since the dogs and I have nearly the same easy pace at about 12 mph and with short bursts of speed up into the +20mph range. The days have been beautiful and the cold has been bearable without the wind we had earlier last week. When I got home I found that spring is still battling the cold and apparently still winning.


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Paddy Humenny said...

those pics make me weep...I gues srping will return eventually...but the hills look more inviting there too..sniff.
nice pooches.