Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Fatback Skookum

I have an addiction to bikes that is well known and if you take the time to read through some of my past posts here you will see that I have own a lot of bikes (I mean a LOT of bikes). If I had my choice it would be much worse, but there is a limit to funds and riding time (especially since I have to earn money to keep my addiction alive). In the mean time I will continue on my covert mission to buy and ride all bikes possible.

One of my favorite bikes brands is Fatback since they fit me so well and I have a real passion for fatter tires these days. I've used my Fatbacks only seasonally in the winter for snow biking until this year. I built a set of 29+ wheels for my Fatback Corvus put on a set of 3-inch tires. This wheelset changed everything I could do with this bike. Previously is was a winter bike with 5-inch snow tires but with the 3-inch 29+ setup it was a go-anywhere machine. It wasn't long after I did this that I was wishing for a little suspension to smooth some of the rough places I ride at high speed. I contemplated buying a fork for my Corvus, but the Fatback Skookum kept popping up and slowly became a bike I "had to have."

The Skookum is incredibly versatile in that it can take a variety of wheel sizes, like full on fat snow biking 26x4.8, 27.5x4.0(+), and 27.5+. Plus the geometry is a little slacker allowing very confident warp-speed bombing runs downhill. So far I've run my Skookum 29+ and 27.5+. I currently have a 27.5x3.8 tire on which is awesome for trail riding, but not a fast climber. I really like it. Interestingly 3.8 tires just a few years ago were the fattest sized snow tires available. Now they seem rather skinny.

Get out and ride your bike!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fatback Corvus in 29+ Mode

My winter fat bike, a Fatback Corvus, with 3-inch 29er wheels (also known as 29+ or 29-plus) is an awesome summer ride. One reason I bought this bike was for this purpose of bike camping and pure summer adventures with endless possibilities. So far I have not gotten to bike camp this year, but the adventure aspect has been great. I am amazed at how smooth this bike rides and how well it corners with the 29+ wheels. It's one of those bikes that just make you smile riding it anywhere.

The rigid fork is good for the most part, but every now and they (like when I'm riding on something bone jarring rough) I kinda wish for a suspension fork. Well maybe someday I'll buy a "summer fork" for my Corvus. Until then it yeehaw time! Giddy-Up!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Cowgirl on a Bike

This is Donna and she's my Cowgirl on a Bike...I love it! Donna prefers to ride in her cowboy boots which she claims are perfect for cycling and she often can be found speeding down a gravel road in a skort.  Make no mistake - She's one fast cowgirl! 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Aaahhh...the Evening Ride

Oh yeah, there's nothing more rewarding than an evening ride at the end of a hot day after work.

The colors are always more intense, the end of the day has it's own distinct smells, and there is a unique quietness as everything settles down for the night. 

My favorite loop is 12-miles of forested fun that I can ride hard after a not-so-fun day of work to blow off my stress, I can ride it leisurely and see every detail along the way, or something in between the two. I'm never disappointed no matter how hard or easy I choose to ride. Even when I'm going hard my ADHD brain sees something that makes me come to a rapid stop to look and examine in slow detail. Sometimes it's nothing and sometimes it's the whole world in a very special slow-motion moment. 

Get out and ride your bike!

Thursday, July 06, 2017

It's Hard to Live Here

It's hard to beat living here in North Central Idaho. On a daily basis it seems that I get awaken to sunrises like this...

And I end my day with bike rides viewing sunsets like this...

The beauty here is out of control. My back yard is full of mountains to explore, river & streams to be fished and awe inspiring vistas to be had.  

Yes, it's terrible being here...haha!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fatback Spin Class

Milner Trail - slogging through a wet 4-6 inch surface layer, which is a hard workout and much happy suffering. The Fatback Corvus is an awesome machine I'm finding out through rough experiences like this.

This is my spin class!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Fatback Corvus the Orange Crush

It happened again... Another bike seems to have wandered into my bike shed. I keep telling myself that I have to stop doing this, but my addiction consumes my strongest super powers. Yeah I know I can't believe it either.

Amazingly this is my 4th (yes fourth) Fatback that I've owned. I've tried many other fat bikes, but all seemed to have inherent flaws in their geometry. And in comparison to the Fatback they quite frankly suck on snow (which is where I ride a fat bike).

The Fatback Corvus attracted me for several reasons, primarily I love the geometry for snow biking. Next it has rack mounts and the fork has mounts ready for pure adventure. Also the Corvus can take 29+ wheels which greatly appeal to me (coincidentally there is a new wheelset waiting to be built in my saintly bike lab).  I'm always looking for the do-everything bike and I believe that the Corvus will meet that challenge.

In the meantime I am looking at selling my Fatback Titanium. I'm reluctant to do that because I like it so much, but I do need to downsize my bike collection. I'm also looking at getting rid of my Trek Stache 7 (29+ bike) since the Corvus will take it's place too.

Get out and enjoy the winter, ride your bike

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Still Watching for Falling Cows

Falling Cow Wine...I'm sure this was named after the cow that fell off a cliff landing mere inches away from my rear tire April 10th 2011.

Hey this was not funny, it nearly killed me...I've got PTSD from that near death experience but now I can't get any disbility bcaus Billary didn't win. Whhhaaaaa...

Think I'll buy a bottle of that wine and celebrate the beefy life!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fatback Titanium - The Adventure Continues!

This has been a great snow year in North Central Idaho which means continuous adventure on the Fatback titanium. Getting out in the back country during winter is so incredible, it's simply amazing. Trying to describe what I see is not possible without taking you there. I've been a back country person all my life and winter experiences are my most memorable in both fun adventure and hard learning experiences. You learn what works and what to do in a hurry by putting yourself in survival training every time you venture out. 

Can you survive overnight with what you carry with you? I can probably survive many days without issue. Be prepared to pay for the unexpected and keep it in your mind at all times (even in the summer). 

Get out and enjoy the world around you, go on an adventure!

Monday, January 02, 2017

Chillin'the Fat

Chillin' the Fat today. Temperature was a tropical 11 degrees up on the mountain. I was warm enough and good for 20+ mile fatbike ride. It's a great time of the year to get out and play...Go do it!

The Last Day

This was the last day of 2016, but my first ride in over a month. In the latter part of November a fuel container exploded next to me lighting me up. For the most part I was miraculously OK. I did have severe burns to my left hand, minor burns to my face, left side and right hand. Plus a few of my favorite outdoor jacket layers were charcoal. The good part is that I'm alive, I didn't have to go to a burn center, or need anything drastic. But my left hand was a mess.

A month later and I can finally ride. My hand is sensitive to cold, but otherwise nearly new except for the very pink color.

I'm so happy that we have snow (and lots of it) and that I could end the year Fat!