Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Number 3 going for 4

Last week I put in another single-speed hundie+ on the SuperFly SS (a hundie is a 100-mile ride on a mountain bike - roadtoads call such a pedalling event a century).

This one made it 3-hundies this month on the single-speed. I'm not sure where I'm getting the energy to do these, but I hope it lasts until the end of the week (July 31st) when I do a 4th hundie in the Butte-100.

I'm a tad apprehensive about the Butte-100 since there is a claimed 18,000-ft of climbing plus most of the race is at an elevation above my highest elevation here. I've been really fretting gearing for such an event (of course I'm competing on a Single-Speed)...undergeared and you walk steep climbs, overgeared and you loose mega time on the flat stuff spinning. Since I've never done the course before or even ridden the area I have no idea what I'm in for. Plus information about the course is sketchy at best. Hmmm...this is a best guess and live with it racing plan.

No matter what, I plan on having fun riding this event!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

2 For 2

For my last 2-rides I been rained on both times while up in the Blue Mtns...cold also, enough so that I did not have the option to stop too long or I would chill down - so I rode in the rain. I am thankful I carry a rain jacket, which made these adventures much more pleasant.

I'm getting in some fun rides where the miles just seem to tick away effortlessly...yesterday when I got off the SuperFly SS and checked the mileage, my eyes were popping out with wow-factor - I had just put in over a 100-miles on the SS...whoohoo! Sure did not feel like it.

We'll see how I feel today since I'm off for a ride with Doug of unknown proportion as of yet.

Edit Update: I rode with Doug today on an ultra cool ride. I thought my legs would be rather dead after yesterday's 100-mile adventure, but I ended up covering 92-miles on the SuperFly SS with Doug. When I rolled up to the house Lucy, SuperDog Extraordinaire, decided that it was her turn. So after I had some good eats to refuel I pack up the SuperFly SS and we headed out for some trail at Asotin Creek. Lucy was not disappointed and neither was total ride mileage for the day was another hundie! That's 2-hundred+ mile days in a row...Whoohoo!!! Thanks for a great ride Doug!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Getting Back to Business

After the 8-hr race I took a few weeks off the bike, not on purpose mind you, but life happens in the most unpredictable ways which can circumvent the best mental plans to ride...OK I admit I was a tad lazy too.

Well I got an attitude adjustment last week, which really means I got a hair cut...always makes me feel alive again. How good do I feel now? Well let's just say that the 80+ mile ride on the single-speed today felt easy...hmmm I'm still not sure what to think about that.

I'm still finding flowers some ultra cool flowers blooming and the colors up high are pure eye-candy.

I also constantly run across what I consider "road-art" in the oddest places, so I decided I should take a few moments to share them - like this fire truck near the headwaters of Charlie Creek (which is in a rather deep canyon in the Blue Mtns.)...even after a new fence was put up the fire truck remains just as it was when I first discovered it 6-yrs ago...

...Miss Lucy Tippy Socks seems to have attached herself to us...whoohoo - trail dog!