Monday, January 23, 2006

Did aliens take the Seanman?

Since school started last week I've been rather busy working on my bright future. But it's hard to sit home and study when the weather has been so nice and my bikes are in the next room calling me. Not to mention I can feel the weight chunking on every second I sit idle where only my brain is getting a workout. Then it happens...I build up too much energy (lots of eating) and it has to come out which means the bikes get a serious workout (day or night). After an hour or two in my death-paced workout mode it seems that my lethargic dispair monster is calmed - the world is a good place again, the crabby monster inside is gone, and wow, do I feel GREAT!

The other night I was out at Hellsgate horse and weed park at dusk and had a super ride, but I had to slow down some when it got dark. I had lights, but not enough to continue super speeds so I was reduced to just riding along - it was great! Well today was one of those days when I jumped on a bike and took off with intent to inflict some serious pain to burn off the stress. It was like 53 degrees outside and my roadbike has been calling for some time now (like since I last rode it in the fall - hey, what can I say other than I enjoy riding mountain bikes more) . Right away I decided that anything less than 20mph was a wimp's pace so I was at the Seanman's house in VERY short order. I heard he got a new Klein rocket recently (and I wanted to see it). Strange thing though - it was like aliens had been to the Seanman's house...I mean there in the back of his pickup was one of the dogs - the other dog was missing and so was the Seanman (and his lovely mate, Carol).

His bike repair stand, a tire pump and an open bottle of lube were all sitting out on the driveway just like someone had been using them moments before...but no Seanman to be found (not even behind the Christmas tree in the driveway).

I looked up to the sky hoping to see an alien vessel overhead (beam me up!) but no such luck. This was strange but I had way too much energy left to burn off so I rode on contemplating what I had seen. It was nice out there today - spring like to say the least.

I eventually circled back to the Seanman's house only to find that the eerie stillness was unchanged...hmmm. It was getting late so zoom-zoom off I went home - it was an awesome ride of 33 miles in 1:25. I'm still wondering about the Seanman - I tried to call him later but no answer...have the Aliens taken him?!

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