Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When Animals Attack

As I've said before everything seems to happen while "just riding along." Squirrel dumplings anyone?

Some of the WSU riders posted this squirrel attack (I don't have a clue where this actually happened). but it reminded me of the suicidal squirrels around here that have on many occasions caused nearly the same fate for me.

Edit 01/16/2006: Jeff Kerkove gives proper credit for the pic above. Another pic I had on my computer from on unknown source is below so this squirrel suicide thing is not an isolated one time event.

My closest animal encounter in recent times was a dive-bombing bird that flew through the front triangle of my frame last summer while I was just riding along to work last summer. Amazingly the bird navigated the tiny corridor through my pedaling legs and a water bottle while I was riding in excess of 25 mph. It did hit my water bottle cage hard enough to loose a feather or two but other than that it just kept flying. I sometimes think it's an animal dare or thrill seeking thing - you know, they see you coming and devise a daring feat for thrills (had experience doing this as a kid and I am alive still - somehow).

Usually we worry more about the dogs while on bikes, like the other day when the Seanman was attacked by a dog while just riding along with Corrie through dog-bark corridor somewhere on his Lapwai Loop. Sean "was a man" and gutted out the ride plus more with dog bites in his leg. At home his wife the nurse did her job by making him get treatment so that he could ride again another day.

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