Monday, January 16, 2006

Bikes Attachment

It always amazes me how attached I feel towards a bike and not realize it until I sell it. Once a particular bike is gone there is nothing left but the great memories from all the good and trying (the pain it put me through climbing hills) times I had with that bike. I still reminisce about how much fun and pleasure I got from most of my past bikes (there have only been 2 that I gladdly sold). My bike barn looks and feels a little empty after selling my 2004 Gary Fisher 292 recently. It was a sweet ride that I built up from a frame I got late in the summer of 2004.

I built it up into a light full suspension bike for specifically for racing on rough and long courses as well as for general pleasure riding. In 2005 I rode it in 2 races. The first race was in the Spokane 24-hr race as part of a team (the Twisted Shifters). Needless to say we hit the podium with no problems. During that event I rode this bike about 100 miles at race speed - it was such a pleasure to have full suspension after the first lap. My team mates are all friends from around Washington and the best!The second race on this bike was the Schweitzer NORBA nationals marathon race. This bike was perfect for this course and it helped me win the race (about 60 miles + 10,000 feet climbing) with ease at 45 min ahead of my closest competitor. It was like a Sunday ride that day.

Times change though and I felt this bike needed a new home since I actually rode it very little after starting school again this last fall. With almost no effort I sold it to a friend that rode an older Fisher 292 that was once size too big for him and way heavier than mine.

He rode this overweight bike to many victories and podium places like the one below where he got 3rd and the Schweitzer NORBA XC race last summer. I have been glad he does not race in my category. Someday I'm sure we'll mix it up though.

Even though I miss my bike I'm sure I it will not be the last time I see it. Actually, I am anxiously waiting to see what it will win next. Go Tim!

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