Monday, January 16, 2006

Pre-school Ride

With school starting again soon (like tomorrow - ahhhhg) and having a few days of relief from the rain I've been riding as much as possible. Today I had a nice time in the wind and cooler temps up at Hellsgate State Park over in Spudland (that's Idaho for all you that can't figure where that is). This park is more of a refuge for noxious weeds than for anything else, but it is a place only a few miles from home to ride the dirt so I don't complain too much.

Up on top I could see that the surrounding mountains finally have some snow which gives me hope that I will get to use my new snowshoes this year.One more semester of school and some summer clinicals is all I have left. By this fall I will have to get a job working 3 days a week as a nurse and play 4 days a week - that is going to be so hard!

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