Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcome to my Adventures

Just Riding Along - This is one of the best sayings ever in the bike world. This last summer while working at a favorite local bike shop (B & L Bicycles) I got more laughs from hearing this term. It seems that no matter what happened (crash, dog bite, parts breaking) it always happened while just riding along. After some time it became a truthful joke that everything happens just riding along on a bike. I thought of starting this site while just riding along a few weeks ago, but I quickly found out that there was another fool who had aleady taken the "just riding along" name as their blog address. I visited their site and found it totally lame - it's so lame that it has not been used since 2002. Looooser!

OK enough ranting. In the end I started this site to waste my non-precious time on posting some of my adventures up here on the edges of hell in SE Washington. I'm not kidding about the hell thing since I live in a area dubbed Hellsgate. All I know is that it is barren, full of devilish weeds and smells like hell here so it must be so.


Anonymous said...

This comment link is weak to say the least - don't you think


Anonymous said...

Yeah it sucks - I'm looking into a better comment link. Just use the "anonymous" identity and it seems to work a bit easier. E!