Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Baconator - Chapter 3: First Snow

The Baconator Saga continues...We started quite a while back with the Baconator build then a few "test" rides (totally trash testing). The Baconator has been quitely resting in it's cave waiting for some snow to ride on. While doing some of my normal cyclocross training (hand digging a trench in my back yard) I noticed white stuff on the mountains that was not there the day previous....SNOW!!! Whoohooo!!!

It did not take me more than a fraction of a microsecond to decide I needed to take a day off from my normal cyclocross "training" to explore some of this new white stuff.

Somehow the Baconator ended up in the snow on the mountain. I had one of the funnest rides ever. It took me several stops to let air pressure out to those monster truck tires until I felt it was finally right (which was an incredibly low air pressure). I started out with 15 psi and I'm not sure where I ended, but I'm quite sure is was close to 5-8 psi, which made for one soft ride with unbelievable traction on the snow. I climbed steep hills like they weren't even there and raced around everywhere with a huge grin on. I can not wait for more snow!

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