Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All-City SS - Race Proven

Well it finally happened - I did my first cyclocross (CX) race this year. Whew, I feel much better now. I just can not seem to make people understand that I am a CX junkie at heart and need a fix now and then. Unfortunately my employer does not understand my cycle-logically, obsessive need to feel pain when pedalling a bike at the hardest possible rate my totally out-of-shape, non-trained body will take. Not only do I punish myself in one race, I almost always do 2 races in the same day. I call it racing into shape. (photos by Hank Greer and Bryan MacDonald - awesome)

At any rate the newish All-City single-speed (SS) was raced in both a SS only race and a race with many poor souls that still think 20+ gears are necessary to ride a bike.

The dirty orange rattle-can paint job was truly inspiring and I'm sure it made me go faster.

The couse was in Sandpoint, Idaho and was their 1st time putting on a CX race for the INWCX-Series. I must say that I was impressed with the course and I hope they do it again next year. The course was fun to say the least and the fall color was perfect.

My boy, Alejandro, has really taken over my On-One CX disc bike (supposedly it's my commuter bike, but I have not had much opportunity to steal it away from him). I'm totally encouraging him to ride CX and he seems to enjoy it - enough that he actually wants to train (not sure what training is these days beyond hard work on my property). Alejandro was happy to take 2nd in the Jr. division.

My results? Hmmm...3rd in the SS (Whoohoo!!!) and 5th in the large 50+ division (double Whoohoo!!!). I was 3rd in the 50+ until the end of the last lap when I started running out of steam (I'm sure some kind of bike specific training may have helped me here, but I've barely ridden my bikes the whole past summer). I am super stoked that I did so well and loved my day with friends and my boy!

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