Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CX Training?

Yeah, I know it's so totally unlike me to post sooooooo much in a single month, but I really want you to know that I take cyclocross training seriously. Since April 1st I've officially ridden one of my to-many-to-count bikes (that seem to need dusting all the time) exactly 22-times (+/- 5-10 rides that I neglected to record because of some sort of disbelieving euphoria that I actually rode a bike). Let's see now, I typically ride 5-6 days a week normally which would equate to one heck of a lot more rides than 22 or 32! Just so show you that I actually train I'm provide photo evidence of my CX training (which is rather unorthodoxed by any normal bike training standards) it is:

Yep that's the extend of my CX training this past 6-months, projects like this - hand digging a water line (my house main line is under there some where and I really do not want to rupture it with an excavator and to further my delemia there is no map or way of finding it's exact path - I know it's down there somewhere...). Fun huh!

This kind of intense labor certainly aids my ability to carry my bike on steep run-ups in a CX race...I've certainly noticed a difference. So grab a shovel and start digging!

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