Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CX SS Color Morph (again)

Something happened to the world's fastest cyclocross single speed (well it's the fastest CX SS in my world)...the lime green morphed into an ultra cool dirty orange color (thanks to some strange skill I have using rattle can paints).

The real story is that I simply could not help my self - Orange has some kind of power over me and orange makes me feel like the Force is with me, none of this has anything to do with the power zapping ability lime green has on me. Now this bike really is the fastest CX SS in the world...color has a lot of power...I love orange so much that I'm thinking of painting my Gunnar orange also, specifically flat orange with lots of black (my other favorite color).

Too bad I'm terribly out of shape and I've had to work every weekend there's been a CX race. It seems that my employer does not yet understand my absolute need to suffer so intently riding a bike every fall on weekends. Instead what I am hearing is, "We need you to work"...not sure what kind of life this is where I can't have time off when requested. Hopefully they will figure it out, I know I already have it figured out quite well.

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