Friday, February 10, 2006

To Ride or Not to Ride

Another week is over - where did it go? I'm so busy in school these days that time seems to pass me by. The last several days have been simply spring like here - sunny crisp mornings with warmish days. The robins returned a few weeks ago, trees are budding, and my early flowers are blooming. I know this makes some people sick, but it make me sick that I may have to start mowing my lawn before March 1st. Today was another beautiful day and the bikes were all calling me for a ride...must resist, need to study for that exam on Monday, must, no-ride(palms sweaty) (sweating profusely) ...ride...ride, ride, ride...aaaahhhgg! RIDE!!! OK ride...hmmm - Kestrel, Fisher, or Salsa? (drooling & panting) SALSA...

Oh what a nice day for a ride it was.

1 comment:

Yuri said...

that does look like some good salsa!