Monday, January 02, 2017

The Last Day

This was the last day of 2016, but my first ride in over a month. In the latter part of November a fuel container exploded next to me lighting me up. For the most part I was miraculously OK. I did have severe burns to my left hand, minor burns to my face, left side and right hand. Plus a few of my favorite outdoor jacket layers were charcoal. The good part is that I'm alive, I didn't have to go to a burn center, or need anything drastic. But my left hand was a mess.

A month later and I can finally ride. My hand is sensitive to cold, but otherwise nearly new except for the very pink color.

I'm so happy that we have snow (and lots of it) and that I could end the year Fat!


Doug Goodenough said...

oh man.........the must have hurt like an SOB! Glad to hear it is healing up good.

Scott Trost said...

Holly crap Batman that looks. Nasty! Fuel canister as in one of those little canisters used for backpacking stoves or something bigger like a propane tank?

Anonymous said...

A 5 gallon fuel container with diesel and motor oil blew up next to igniting my clothes. I shed 2 layers in rapid succession, both of which burned up. My 3rd layer was fuel soaked but did not ignite.A glove burned off my left hand causing most of my injury. Right hand, left chest, and face sustained minor burns. Could have been much worse if I was not so quick to act and/or panicked.