Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Aaahhh...the Evening Ride

Oh yeah, there's nothing more rewarding than an evening ride at the end of a hot day after work.

The colors are always more intense, the end of the day has it's own distinct smells, and there is a unique quietness as everything settles down for the night. 

My favorite loop is 12-miles of forested fun that I can ride hard after a not-so-fun day of work to blow off my stress, I can ride it leisurely and see every detail along the way, or something in between the two. I'm never disappointed no matter how hard or easy I choose to ride. Even when I'm going hard my ADHD brain sees something that makes me come to a rapid stop to look and examine in slow detail. Sometimes it's nothing and sometimes it's the whole world in a very special slow-motion moment. 

Get out and ride your bike!

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