Saturday, July 03, 2010

Getting Back to Business

After the 8-hr race I took a few weeks off the bike, not on purpose mind you, but life happens in the most unpredictable ways which can circumvent the best mental plans to ride...OK I admit I was a tad lazy too.

Well I got an attitude adjustment last week, which really means I got a hair cut...always makes me feel alive again. How good do I feel now? Well let's just say that the 80+ mile ride on the single-speed today felt easy...hmmm I'm still not sure what to think about that.

I'm still finding flowers some ultra cool flowers blooming and the colors up high are pure eye-candy.

I also constantly run across what I consider "road-art" in the oddest places, so I decided I should take a few moments to share them - like this fire truck near the headwaters of Charlie Creek (which is in a rather deep canyon in the Blue Mtns.)...even after a new fence was put up the fire truck remains just as it was when I first discovered it 6-yrs ago...

...Miss Lucy Tippy Socks seems to have attached herself to us...whoohoo - trail dog!

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