Tuesday, July 06, 2010

2 For 2

For my last 2-rides I been rained on both times while up in the Blue Mtns...cold also, enough so that I did not have the option to stop too long or I would chill down - so I rode in the rain. I am thankful I carry a rain jacket, which made these adventures much more pleasant.

I'm getting in some fun rides where the miles just seem to tick away effortlessly...yesterday when I got off the SuperFly SS and checked the mileage, my eyes were popping out with wow-factor - I had just put in over a 100-miles on the SS...whoohoo! Sure did not feel like it.

We'll see how I feel today since I'm off for a ride with Doug of unknown proportion as of yet.

Edit Update: I rode with Doug today on an ultra cool ride. I thought my legs would be rather dead after yesterday's 100-mile adventure, but I ended up covering 92-miles on the SuperFly SS with Doug. When I rolled up to the house Lucy, SuperDog Extraordinaire, decided that it was her turn. So after I had some good eats to refuel I pack up the SuperFly SS and we headed out for some trail at Asotin Creek. Lucy was not disappointed and neither was I...my total ride mileage for the day was another hundie! That's 2-hundred+ mile days in a row...Whoohoo!!! Thanks for a great ride Doug!

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Doug Idaho said...

that 2nd pic is amazing!