Friday, June 11, 2010

SuperFly SS - Rocket Ship One...Blast Off!!!

This last weekend I rode my Fisher SuperFly SS (that's a 1-geared bike to you) to a solo overall win in the Adventure Sports Week 8-hr Mad Dash Mountain Bike Race...Whoohoo!!!

What a great ride that was - 7.5 hrs total riding time, 91-miles travelled on Rocket Ship-One...the first 4.5 hrs of riding was in fast, dry conditions. I started at the front off the starting line and stayed out front the entire time...

After a short distance I was riding with 3-other guys and after I realized that they were all 4-hr solo guys I let them go, but no one else (team or otherwise) passed me the entire time so I knew where I was at in the standings without a doubt.

I had rolling pit stops with the help of my pit man - The Kevinator!

The real fun started when it started to down pour rain during hours 4 through 7 making the course ultra-sloppy, wet, and muddy...

I was smiling every time I hit a corner and stayed upright during 2-wheel slides. I never went down, but had a few close calls nearly sliding into trees. I did experience two hard rock strikes on my right pedal which broke, but amazingly remained functional. I loved riding my SS in the mud-yuk - I knew it was the ultimate ride for this course and the conditions. I'm not so sure anyone else had my appreciation as I was passing them (smiling big).

The wet stuff really slowed my lap times down due to that slickness, but I figured everyone else was having the same issues with traction.

Next up? Hmmmm...I'm not absolutely sure yet, but the Butte 100 looks kind of interesting...but I'm not so sure about 16,000-ft of climbing over a 100-miles on my single speed.


monk3y mike said...

Nice one Eric!

Anonymous said...


You're Back!! Way to go.

Ray (Denver)