Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who Turned up the Thermostat?

It seems that Someone turned up the thermostat over the weekend - we went from cold, snow/rain to the 70's in what seemed to be one day's time. My bare skin is now seeing sunlight and I instantly noticed that vehicles were avoiding me a tad took me a while to figure it out, but eventually I realized it was the bright flashes of light blinding them, a.k.a. the sun's reflection off my ultra bright-white sheen of pure energy pounding along at high speed (good thing I wear dark sunglasses or my legs would probably blind me too).

The riding is great except that now I'm getting dehydrated much easier, but who cares because the riding is spectacular. Nothing like a little sun and warmth to bring the attitude back a spiking high. I could not get enough of the great weather it seems and rode myself into a state of pure, blissful exhaustion each day.

The power of the sun also brings some of my most favorite things in this world...Spring Flowers! I found these at the edge of the lower snow level...

Ahhh..I feel better just looking at pics of these little beauties, don't you?

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