Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The End of March Maddness

This March has been nothing but pure weather chaos. Here are just a few of the conditions I've been caught riding this month...snow, rain (light mist to pure deluge), hail, sleet, thunderstorm, bitter-cold, sloppy-mud, dry, frozen, warm, sunny, and blow-you-backwards-winds. Riding is always an adventure this time of year that often results in some unforeseen weather related hardship during what started as a nice ride. I use to cuss my way home by the shortest means possible when caught in one of those sudden, soaking downpours, now I just laugh about it and continue on with the adventure.

Here are a few pics of my rides over the month of March...I got rained on during most of these.

Can you say Tailwind? Here it's called no effort pedaling...so you can imagine what the ride into this wind was like...


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