Thursday, April 30, 2009

Skinnies on Dirt

Everyone knows how much I like road bike riding (yawn), but when there's an adventure involved I seem to fore go my perceived boredom of skinny wheels. Over the last week I seemed to have peaked to any all time high with a few fun road rides. The first was riding the Whitebird grade down and back from Grangeville. The Whitebird Grade is a fun, narrow, twisty road to ride.

Going down...

Climbing up...

In between the grade I managed some Roubaix-style dirt road riding (yes on the road bike with skinnies on).

I have never realized how much fun skinny road tires could be on the dirt...or how fast.

My sister, Megan, was along on one of my mountain bikes for part of the trip.

The next trip was also from Grangeville...I had to drop off my Grampa's Jeep (yes he still drives at the age of 97) after my sister used it to get to the airport in Spokane. Since I had no way home I decided that I would ride home on the old highways through Nez Perce, Craigmont, and Winchester. It was a nice day with a few sprinkles here and there, but the trip was scenic along the way and I enjoyed the adventure of riding a new route (for me). So after 5-hrs, 20-min of riding time I rolled into my driveway with 107-miles on, at which time I was beyond ready to be off the bike. I think I may ride this route in reverse another time.

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Megan said...

Glad you made it home. You are sooo funny! Better yet glad you got the jeep back to Grampa.(You know how he is) By the way found you on my Blackberry....she shoots she scores!!Hope all is well I love you!!!!