Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Racing the Think Pink Rigid

The performance of the Think Pink SS Rigid had me all giddy before, during, and after the Devil's Slide MTB Race.

(In the Hunt...Photo credit: Doug Goodenough)

This SS bike was not the ideal choice to run in this event this year due to some long, long, looong, flat sections, but somehow I was holding my own and held off many of the geared bikes until the end of the first lap on these ultra long flats...Single Speeds Rule!!!

(Photo credit: Scott Trost)

I ended up taking 2nd (still not sure how), but that doesn't mean too much since the race had a small showing this year. It was super fun to do the race on the Think Pink SS.

(Photo credit: Scott Trost)

In the tradition of cancer support I wore my pink and black Fatty jersey with matching socks to support Fatty's wife, Susan, who is struggling with metastatic breast cancer.

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Jim Barton said...

Eric, what type of fork is on the gunner pink 29er