Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Spring seems to have come...I base this not on the return of the Robins who mysteriously started showing up here in mid-January this year, but on seeing the first trees bud and ultimately the first blooming flowers.

Along with spring comes mixed weather (snow, rain, ice, melting...etc.) which typically means you will end up with mud on your face during any off-pave riding.

It can be challenging to ride off-pave and off-road this time of year since the once frozen-firm trails and roads are now wet and soft, which equals tires sinking into the terra firma or in this case terra soft-i-osis-muck-a-muck-e-yuk, which means a huge increase in pedaling effort to maintain forward momentum (yes you now have to pedal downhill just to overcome the increased resistance and keep forward progress) and inevitably you will, if not careful in choosing your riding route, end up with muck-a-muck-e-yuk on everything. And yes I somehow dirt (mud) riding way more fun than road (yawn) riding anytime.

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