Tuesday, February 24, 2009



A short while back I received a new set of bike lights from Oz (Australia) made by a company called Ay Up! They kind of remind me of the Disney Pixar character Wall-E. The company name Ay Up (I'm informed by those always, marginally dependable internet definition web sites) is a greeting meaning something like hello or hey what's up...hmmm?

The lights are ultra small, ultra light (you can mount a light and 3+ hr battery on your helmet...did I mention small?), and best of all they light up the night so well that my night riding is as fast as any day ride.

It takes a lot to impress me (not really) and when it comes to the typical bike light and manufacturer's claims I have not been impressed with the product vs. the exaggerated claims. But these Ay Up lights got me a bit giddy when I lit one up out of the box and could see all the way across our 5-acre backyard pasture with ease. Another point about Ay Up, I e-mailed these guys with a question and had an answer in less than 5-minutes...impressive to say the least. Can you say SOLD? I can and I own a set of these lights and now I see better than ever riding into the night.

Summer night rides are on my list of fun this year. The overall plan is when the daytime temps are hitting 100+ I'm planning on starting out on a late evening ride into the coolness of the night. Of course anyone is welcome to come along.

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Any idea what the light output is on those your light?