Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mentattude Adjustments

A bike ride always seems to give me a positive "Mentattude" (Mental Attitude) adjustment.

  photo IMG_20161028_191548_zpssbsypcjh.jpg

On this late Friday afternoon on a sunny fall day  (amazingly between chronic rains) I was taking the maiden voyage on a Lynskey ProCross I had just built up as a single speed. Yes, single speed. I have some strange addiction for riding single speed bikes since they oddly make me giddy when I ride one...I am not sure why, but riding gears is never as much fun (Ever!!!).

This ride started as a "simple" torturous (I'm really out of shape) 7-mile climb to the top of the mountain to test the gearing ratio, but I was having so much fun that the miles kept clicking along once I hit the "top" at 2K of climbing. Before I knew it I was 30-miles into the mountains. The views were simply amazing with color everywhere I looked. The return trip was just as good if not better and I finished the day at dusk, cold, smiling, and with a new mental attitude.

I felt a rolling thunder start within after this 60-mile ride.  I know this feeling well from my past and I must say that it's been gone for a very, very long time. Too long! I'm hopeful it will stay for awhile. 

Get out and ride your bike (before I catch up with you)!

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