Tuesday, June 17, 2014


52...that is how I'm now judged and compared to others of this world we live in. We have some need to compare ourselves by age. It seems like a bragging right or an ego issue with most people who are talking about their age.

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Me? I could care less about how many years I've been around. I do care about other people, living well, eating good foods, and having some fun along the way exploring anything that is available to me.

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Of course my preferred way of exploring the outdoor environment is on one of my bikes. I usually go it alone (of course anyone is invited along anytime) only because my work schedule is so screwed up and inconsistent that I can not schedule a ride with anyone...the perils of working as a nurse in a dysfunctional medical care system.

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I hope to change my schedule in the future to be more consistent, but I'm not counting on anything changing (that way I can't be dissappointed again. I could take a boring job and be much less happy I guess, but that would defeat any purpose in my life. So for now I ride alone at a young 52 years of age.

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