Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aimless Wonderings

Good days of riding are not hard to find around here...

 photo 077_zps68896fb5.jpg

There has been some days of gloom and rain, but that is what it takes to make this area beautiful instead of a solid desert hell.

 photo 057_zpse2ff6404.jpg

My ride this day was up in the Blue Mountains, just a few minutes from my Asotin, WA home (the one that is for sale currently). Definitely a spectacular place to ride with some of the best vistas around.

 photo 036_zps272b9901.jpg

I often ride up here to de-stress and to let my thoughts wander as aimlessly as my travels through the many forest roads and trails I've come to know well.

 photo 043_zps6a93c12d.jpg

I am soon to leave this oh-so-familiar area to continue a dream-in-progress over in Idaho, which I have been exploring as often as possible on the bike. I'm not sure where this next journey is taking me, but I am certainly continuing the adventure in my new area. And so far I am very excited about the endless possiblities of bike exploration, fishing, and camping around Grangeville, Idaho. Now if I could only find a job that keeps me happy.

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