Monday, June 30, 2014

Kid Times

Once in a great while I can talk my kids into biking, but on this day they both asked to go (yes, it was shocking to hear this from them) and so we loaded up the bikes for some forest road riding.

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Sadie is an amazing little endurance rider for someone that rarely rides a bike...on this ride we rode nearly 20-miles with 1100-feet of climbing. She has all but outgrown her bike and I am thinking about upgrading to a larger size for her this summer. It all depends on how much she will ride. Sadie is one of those kids with natural cycling ability and a strong mindset - a winning combination that could kick some butt if she ever decided to race. It's up to her though since I am not going to force my kiddos into any sport.

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Alejandro is having a similar issue with outgrowing his bike. I put him on a small 29er a few years ago and he's ready to start riding my medium sized frames (and he does when I let him). Alejandro also has a natural athletic ability and could be a serious competitor if he ever decided to train a little bit. Without training he is starting to give me some competition up won't be long and he will be my equal or more.

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Days like this one are special for good memories and fun times. I still can not believe that Sadie did this ride without a whimper. She was very determined to go the distance. Someone at a bike shop told her that if she rode her current bike 100-miles in a week that she could have a new bike (thanks a lot Seanman). Now she is asking me to ride almost daily, unfortunately I can not ride that much right now due to work and other chores. Time is coming though.

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