Monday, May 12, 2014

Life Outside the Bubble

Some days are absolutely perfect for riding...Bluebird skies, fresh spring greenery popping out everywhere, and a world of new colors seem to appear every week. I love riding my bikes this time of year. Well actually I love riding nearly anytime of year, but spring is always very exciting and full of pure eye-candy.

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I only wish I could ride everyday, but my life prevents the reality of such selfish dreams...there is work to be done on both of my residences - the Washington farm house, which is for sale, and our new Idaho place. Plus I need to work sometime to afford this dream-in-progress of having a better life for my family. Currently I'm working night shifts at a rural hospital in Cottonwood, Idaho, which means I commute, I have to spend time away from family, and I have the added stress of sleeping issues associated with working nights. Somewhere in this chaos I need to spend some quality time with my kids and the love of my life. Needless to say I am often so exhausted that nothing sounds like fun - even a bike ride. From experience I know that I need to keep my life's attitude off the floor, otherwise others around me suffer as a result of my poopy moods and worries, which in turn creates a bad downward spriral that becomes so much harder to climb out of.  So I know that I must "make" myself go riding since a bike ride always renews my soul and lifts my spirits up once again.

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Some days I'm not sure why I need to do all this...Life should be fun right? Well right now it is not much fun so I do rely on my bikes to pick my attitude out of the sewer every week and bring me up to a happy state of being once again.  Between all the chaos I try to sneak in a few rides a week...sometimes more, many times less. I cherish each ride, dream of more, and hope that someday my kiddos will want to ride along on some of my adventures and come to appreciate the beauty outside the small bubble they choose to live in at this time.

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