Monday, April 05, 2010

Spokane Riverside

I've spent many hours riding at Riverside State Park just west of Spokane. Most of my many hundreds of miles of mountain biking at Riverside have been done riding in the annual 24-hr race and other past mtb races. I love Riverside Park's many miles of fast, forested single-track trails and I dream of having a riding area like that where I live...after riding such nice trails the thought of moving becomes strong in my nomadic, wandering mind once again. I like green forests and I like dirt trails, that is who I am deep inside. For now though, I have to live in an area with dead, brown, weed infested yuk, and very little single-track trail, but with plenty of dirt/gravel roads to ride. I'll take what I have and enjoy every speck of dirt I can...for now that is.

Fortunately, the Kevinator and I had to make a necessary run to Spokane for some appointments, but our focus was all about having an excuse to ride the sweet single-track at Riverside. We were not disappointed, the trails were buff and in perfect riding condition, the weather was cool and sunny, plus the wild flowers were blooming providing eye-candy everywhere we rode.

The Kevinator insisted on riding the 24-hr race loop, so we did that and more.

The kiddo was exhausted, but happy and smiling big after riding nearly 23-miles this day (we rode 17-miles the day previous - the kid is a mountain biking animal).

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Doug Idaho said...

great pics Eric.....will have to visit that park sometime.