Monday, April 19, 2010

Never Been this High

"Never been this high in April" I was thinking to my self as I pedalled past the 5000-ft level today. Typically there is snow or ice that stops me long before now, but not this year. I'm a tad fearful of the fire season we will have this year with so little snow pack and moisture.

I turned it around when I finally hit a small snow field across the road - an ominous sign that there will be more to come and attempting to go much further will prove futile. The odometer was indicating that I would get at least 70-miles in on this warm, sunny spring day - another great ride on the Fisher SuperFly Single-Speed.

The flowers were spectacular and, as usual, gave me a super-boost in the mental well being...something I needed after working 4-long 12-hr shifts in the ER.

There is still some snow up there feeding Asotin Creek (in the background is the headwaters are of Middle Fork Asotin Creek).

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