Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finding the Lost Temple

The day after my last ride on the SuperFly SS, I felt that my Gunnar Think Pink was getting lonely...sooooo I took it riding. This time I went up another climbing route (which is all there is around here and I like it that way) to the top of Lick Creek and beyond. I am still quite amazed at how little snow exists above the 5000-ft level. I finally hit some snow at 5400-ft, but was not stopped by it.

The only reason I turned around was due to lack of time to continue on (had to get back to pick up the Kevinator from school). On the way back I took a detour down the Pinkham Ridge Trail for some sweet riding and some cool views...but of course I had to stop for some of my favorite spring time flora...

On the way down I rode past this interesting art work that I had not seen's in the middle of no where.

Not sure what to think of it other than someone was mighty bored...maybe a "hunter" from last fall, maybe it's a hippie toker temple, maybe it is a gateway to another dimension...hmmmm.

The smell of purple little flowers is so nice, can you smell these? Maybe that temple is affecting me...

1 comment:

Doug Idaho said...

Very cool Eric. Maybe a stargate? Those flowers are fantastic!