Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Team Fatty - A Worthy Cause

I got mine, a Fat Cyclist - Twin Six jersey that is. This jersey is hard to come by, highly sought and many have desire to own. Why? Because the jersey represents and shows support for both a single human being battling cancer and a worthy cause, cancer research. Some things are worth fighting for - Susan and cancer research are it.

I regularly contribute small donations to various cancer efforts, especially those that are related to cycling somehow. I am picky about the charity I send money to since I need to have trust that the money is going to the cause and not lining some pig's pockets along the way. The Fat Cyclist has become one of my favorite cancer charity efforts. Elden (the Fat Cyclist) was been spearheading a very successful cancer charity drive in association with the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Elden's has a direct link to cancer, his wife Susan has metastatic breast cancer at this time. The Fat Cyclist has rallied huge numbers of people (mostly cyclists) through his web site and by raffeling off cycling related items.

Recently Twin Six offered 1/2 of their website's income for a single day to the Fat Cyclist's effort and Twin Six offered several rare jersey's like the one I got, which sold out in the first few hours I noticed. Twin Six sold over $16,000 that day, which means they contibuted over $8000...what a great company!

You can donate to Team Fatty's effort through the Lance Armstrong Foundation here--> Click to Donate for Team Fatty

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