Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Fountain Grade Epic?

We're going where? All I heard was lots of climbing so it was, "yeah let's go!" It was another SeanMan epic ride into the unknown...Well after we started the SeanMan gave me one eye-popping little detail he neglected to tell me about one of the climbs - As he had put it, "I was happy that I didn't drop below 3mph..." Wow was all I could think...that must be one steep pitch up and it was a gravel road. Well you know hill steepness to bike riders is sometimes like the size of the fish that got away to fishermen. Then bit later as we are pedaling up a 12% pitch (which means steep to you) he says this is nothing compared to what's to come. Just as we top another 12% pitch he stops and points - "The Wall," otherwise known as Fountain Grade.

It can be seen here in the distance (look close and you see the SeanMan riding in the foreground - Click the pic for a better view)

Yep it looks steep and yes it was steep also - the SeanMan said he saw 16% on the altimeter. What a great climb and long (very long) to boot.

Up on top we cruised through some rolling hills and found the ultimate Buba Redneck hangout. There is a place up in the middle of the woods called the Forest Saloon and the parking lot out front was stocked full of Buba SUVs and big redneck pickup trucks plus one Isuzu - I later wondered what happened to the poor sole that drove that one.

We continued our journey in a cool, light rain past Soldiers Meadow lake then home. Total climbing today was 6300 feet - most of that in one stretch.

It as another awesome day of off road riding - beats a boring road bike ride any day. The cheering section at B&L (that would be you Bruce) or anyone interested in epic off-road rides can join us anytime.

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