Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Soldiers Meadow March

The SeanMan decided we should ride from his house to Soldiers Meadow and back. Being restless due to lower activity from my recent knee injury (that really means bored out of my skull) and the suggestion that the ride had monster climbs on steep, kick-your-butt-I-want-to-walk-instead-of-ride grades struck my adventure nerve. So I loaded up my trusted old geared Fisher Supercal-29 and met the SeanMan for a climbing fest he almost guaranteed would make me wimper (it takes a lot to make me snivel about climbing). I was seriously thinking about taking one of the single-speeds, but I did not want to push the knee that hard yet.

Up in the shades of the highest elevation there was some of this very strange looking cold, white stuff.

It was remarkably similar to snow...but it's too early for such a thing around here or at least I thought it was until now.

The SeanMan's word was golden - the climbs were super steep and long. The only rest on a climb when it was "less" steep for a short time. The downhills were fast and seemed rather short only because each downhill ended in another straight-up climb. Overall the SeanMan's altimeter said we did 6000 feet of climbing - it seemed like more. It was a perfect day - lots of vertical cycling!

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Seanman said...

Hi Eric,

Glad you enjoyed the ride. I plan on doing that ride more often as a training ride. I'm thinking of even doing it in the winter soemtimes too. I figured out that I actually my electrolytes screwed up on that ride. If I'd not, I would have ridden better when we climbed those walls, er a hills!